Bovilyte Paste

Bovilyte Paste

Bovilyte Paste is a calf electrolyte used to assist recovery

A triple-action calf electrolyte formulated to: rehydrate, assist immunity and boost gut recovery. Bovilyte is a complete feeding stuff formulated to support the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance in calves. It can also be given to animals at risk, during and in recovery from digestive disturbances. To get the best result from the Bovilyte, feed with water as soon as scour becomes apparent, or to aid in the prevention of scour. Ensure a good quantity of fresh clean water is available.

  • PH balanced, so can be fed with milk/milk replacer
  • Specially formulated for Calves
  • High energy
  • Triple action

Additives per ltr

Ascorbic Acid E3005,333mg
α tocopherol 3a7005,000mg
Retinyl Acetate – E672150,000iu
Cholecaliferol – E67130,000iu
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride53mcg
Nicotine Acid8000mcg

Amino Acids their salts and analogues

threonoine 3:3:126,666mg


Sodium Citrate – E33160,000mcg

Trace Elements

Ferrous Chelated of glychine hydrated – E13,750mg

Instructions for Proper Use

CalvesAdd contents of sachet to 2 litres water or milk and mix thoroughly. feed 60ml to the back of the tongue