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Corporate & Social Responsibility

At Hestevard, we are fully committed to reducing our packaging. Whether it is single use plastic or moving to fully recyclable pouches for as many of our products as possible to reduce waste and environmental impact. 

Are your Pouches all fully recyclable?

Yes 100%!!

We are introducing products to the range that are supplied in refill pouches. However these are not just any pouch, they are 100% recyclable at Level 4 recycling centres. Why is this such a big deal?

Well its simple, foil pouches are often only recyclable at the lowest level and end up being directed to Landfill. At Hestevard, we take environmental impact of Landfill seriously and so we are investing in producing pouches that are fully recyclable. 

If your local council do not accept Level 4 or you do not have a recycle point locally (at a supermarket for example), then simply return your pouches directly to us and we will recycle them on your behalf.