Duraflex HA SM FE

175ml bottle, of Duraflex HA SM FE,with black pump dispenser. A feline mobility supplement for the nutritional support of cats joints

Duraflex HA SM FE

Feline mobility supplement for the nutritional support to the cartilage matrix snd synovial fluid in cats

Duraflex HA SM-Fe is a feline mobility supplement, it is a liquid joint release formulation specifically for cats with joint problems. Our unique blend contains four key ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid to ease the synovial fluid within the joint. Without this reduction in friction the joint cartilage becomes damaged resulting in further inflammation and pain.


Glucosamine HCL 99% pure17% w/v
Methyl Sulphonyl Methane10% w/v
Chondroitin Sulphate3.3% w/v
Sodium Hyaluronate0.077% w/v

Feeding Instructions

Duraflex HA SM-Fe should be added to the daily feed as per the following feeding regime:

All Catsfirst 30 days, 2ml/day thereafter 1 ml/day for maintenance

1ml black pump enclosed in each pack.

Not what you are looking for? this is also available for Dog and horses!