A highly absorbable and extremely palatable Iron and B-Complex enriched syrup on a Sorbitol base. This is highly recommended due to its concentration of B-Vitamins Duratone is widely used in a wide range of disciplines, from competition horses and international winners through to older horses and ponies.

A highly absorbable and extremely palatable Iron, B-complex and Cobalt-enriched syrup on a Sorbitol base. Recommended for performance horses, Duratone 3ltr will also act as an exceptional pick-me-up for post viral uses and post-operative cases where Horses may have lost appetite or for Horses which have poor overall condition. High levels of Vitamin B12 ensure red blood cell formation is and important metabolic functions are maintained.

Feed Materials

Sorbitol, Water.


Moisture 58.5% Crude Protein 1.26% Ash 0.4% Total Fat <0.5% Crude Fibre 0.1%


AdditivePer 60mlPer Litre
Elemental Iron150mg2,500mg
Vitamin B1150mg2,500mg
D-pantothenic Acid80mg1,333mg
Vitamin B275mg1,250mg
Vitamin B6 50mg834mg
Folic Acid20mg3333gmg
Vitamin B12300mcg5,000mg

Instructions for Proper Use

All Horses and large Ponies50g
Small Ponies, Yearlings and Foals25g