The ultimate feed supplement to support fertility in Sheep.

Support fertility in Sheep with this highly concentrated multivitamin and mineral tonic suitable for all rams, ewes and lambs. Ovitility-SR can be used at any time of year but is particularly beneficial; 3-4 weeks before lambing or mating, for lambs 3 weeks after birth and when drenching for parasites or after veterinary treatment.


Moisture 72.8%, Crude Protein 1%, Crude Ash 1%, Crude Fibre 1%, Crude Oil 5%, Sodium 0%


Potassium 0%, Glycerol 2%

Additives per ltr

Ascorbic Acid E300850mg
Vitamin E 3a70052,5000mg
Vitamin D3 – E671400,000iu
Vitamin A – E6721,350,000iu
Vitamin B Thiamine Hydrchloride3,500mg
Calcium Pantothenate1,250mg
Nicotine Acid3,500mg
Folic Acid127mg

Trace Elements

Selenium as sodium selenate – E865.7mg
Cobaltous sulphate hepahydrate E31619mg
Potasium Iodine E24412mg
Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate E528,972mg
Manganese chelate of glycine hydrates E512,500mg
Iron chelate of glycine hydrates E19,337mg

Instructions for Proper Use

Ewes10ml per adult ewe
Tups10ml 4 to 6 weeks prior to tupping
Lambs 10kg3ml
Lambs 20kg5ml