Hestevard Equine Supplements



For peace of mind and as part of our quality assurance guarantee, Hestevard Equine products are all batch controlled so that they are fully traceable from the manufacture in an impressive EC approved plant right through to their delivery at your practice.  Each product carries a guaranteed analysis and a raw material specification guarantee.

The manufacturing plant works to a HACCP system and uses strict controls to monitor areas such as material specification, raw material
weigh-out and to make certain that naturally occurring contaminants (such as caffeine) are not present. This quality assurance guarantee ensures that Hestevard Equine products can be recommended
in total confidence.


The Hestevard Equine range boasts a wealth of experience in providing the highest quality customised solutions to the equine veterinary profession.  We are prepared to discuss bespoke formulation and packaging requirements with your veterinary practice. The combination of exceptional standards in manufacture, the quality of content and the depth of marketing experience has created us a reputation for excellence in nutrition. Let us show you how this will benefit your veterinary practice.


  • Guaranteed Analysis. The ingredients are checked for quality and  tested for contaminants on arrival at the plant.  The production facility has tight quality controls throughout and the finished product is tested for batch composition.
  • Guaranteed Traceability.  All of the individual ingredients within the product are fully traceable and batch controlled.
  • Guaranteed Palatability. In the unlikely event that a Hestevard Equine product proves unpalatable to the horse, we will offer free of charge replacement.
  • Breakage Exempt. If a Hestevard Equine product is accidentally damaged either in the 
  • Expired Stock. Within reason, if any Hestevard Equine product should run past its shelf date either in the veterinary practice or in a vet’s car, it will be replaced free of charge.
  • Ingredient declaration. The ingredients within the products are fully declared so that the veterinary surgeon can make an informed decision about the best product for the client.


The Hestevard Equine range has been created with a wealth of knowledge accumulated by veterinary professors, surgeons, nutritionists and industry specialists over the past 60 years.


The purpose of the Hestevard Equine range is to give veterinary surgeons exclusive access to the ultimate range of equine supplements.  With this in mind we resolutely stand behind our products with tenacity of purpose, keep our promises and get the everyday details right.  Hestevard Equine is respected, trusted and endorsed by veterinary surgeons worldwide. 


The Hestevard Equine range of products is committed to supplying the equine industry exclusively through veterinary surgeons.  This is a mark of respect towards all of those veterinary surgeons who have brought about the creation of the range through their constant feedback and input.  The future of Hestevard Equine is safely in the hands of veterinary surgeons.