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As part of the Hestevard programme of excellence, all of the sales of Hestevard products are exclusively through veterinary practices and selected equine trade stores.


Professional Range Products

Horse owners are welcome to reach out to Hestevard directly for information on the products and assistance.  All of the sales transactions for Hestevard Professional Range supplements are exclusively conducted through a veterinary practice.  In the first instance Hestevard recommends that you contact your veterinary practice to find out if they stock the product you require.  If you require assistance in getting hold of a product Hestevard is able to support you by speaking to your practice or putting you in contact with another practice who stocks the item you require. 

Signature & Elements Range Products

The Signature & Elements Ranges are ideal as maintenance supplements and nutrition. For that reason, you may purchase directly from this website, from your equine vet or from carefully selected equine trade stores. 

If you choose to purchase from, then you will be asked which equine vet practice you are registered. Why do we need to know that? Well we work closely with all our equine vets and we will be introducing a referral programme that vets can sign up to.

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Veterinary practices wishing to set up an account should contact the distributors FS animal health or if they are outside Europe then contact Hestevard directly to establish their nearest distributor.

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